Halloween 2017 2017-10-23

Happy Halloween! i-Learner’s having a halloween party and you’re invited. Trick-or-treat, handicrafts and tons of sweets! Our Halloween Party is an excellent opportunity for you to interact with our Oxbridge tutors! Dress up and join us for our fun i-Learner Halloween party! Halloween 201 … Read More

2017 Speech Festival 2017-10-17

Speech Festival classes are now open! Come along to prepare your entry to the 69th Speech Festival. Classes will help you interpret your poems and prose pieces so you can perform them fantastically! Training Focus: Understanding your poem or prose piece Rhythm and fluency Breathing and tone Pronuncia … Read More

Teacher Diaries

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Grace – Love Speaking 2017-11-15

As a child, I was lucky enough to be brought up in an English-speaking country, which made communicating with native English speakers an everyday thing for me. Naturally enough, I was able to pick up difficult English sounds like the “-ct” sound in “act” and the “-lt” in … Read More

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Alison – Love Speaking 2017-11-10

Several different teachers have shared their tips and experiences with regard to speaking in a second language in an everyday context. Here I would like to talk about another situation where effective speaking is of paramount importance – public speaking. Thinking of speaking in front of a large crow … Read More

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Jaye – Love Speaking 2017-11-01

When I was young, despite the fact that I was a good speller, I actually didn’t know how to pronounce most of the words that I could spell! Consequently, I used not to be a good speaker since I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth! I didn’t understand how useful … Read More

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