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Chinese New Year Courses 2023

Join our exciting Chinese New Year workshops to develop a range of skills including speaking and writing, along with some festive fun!

Our Chinese New Year workshops are from 17th to 31st January 2023.

English Quill Writing Assessment Workshops

CNY 2023_Quill Writing Assessment Workshops

UK Schools Admissions Boot Camp

CNY 2023_UK Schools Admissions Boot Camp

University Admissions and Personal Statement Workshops

CNY 2023_University Admissions and Personal Statement

Online Humanities and Science Camp

CNY 2023_Humanities and Science Camp


CNY 2023_STEM Camp

i-Learner English Magic Pass

CNY 2023_English Magic Pass


CNY 2023_Chinese Writing


CNY 2023_Classical Chinese

i-Learner Maths Workshops

CNY 2023_Maths Workshops