i‑Learner Education Centre


Easter Courses 2024

Sharpen your English or Chinese in our Easter short courses or dive into our immersive camps for some exciting learning and discovery.

Our Easter Short Courses and Camps will take place in late March-April 2024. 

View our past activities below to get an idea of what we offer.


  1. English Easter Party
  2. Easter Day Camps
    • Exploring Kowloon Park
    • Exploring Convention Centre
    • 春天來了
    • 春天來到了海灣
  3. Writing and Publishing Workshop
  4. English Quill Writing Assessment Workshops 
  5. i-Learner Plus Workshops
  6. Spring Poetry Workshops
  7. Online Latin and Greek Tasters
  8. 廣播劇工作坊
  9. 中文寫作工作坊
  10. Learning How to Learn Workshops





To sign up, use our online form or contact us on 3113 8815.