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Adam Gibbins

Adam Gibbins

It is a real pleasure to share my love of languages with my students. Seeing their appreciation for English grow alongside their confidence in expressing themselves is a constant joy.

Adam Gibbins graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA in Linguistics. His studies focused on the structure, grammar and sounds of English along with first and second language acquisition. Outside of the classroom, Adam speaks Japanese and Cantonese, and so has a good understanding of the challenges Hong Kong students face when learning English.


  • University of Cambridge - BA Linguistics
  • University of Toronto - TEFL Certificate

Student Work

Grade boosting tips for struggling students

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Making the transition from Primary to Secondary

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Teacher Diaries: Mr. Adam – Love Speaking

When I think of learning a foreign language, I realise that out of all the language skills, I have most admiration for good speakers. When you read, you can take your time. When you listen, you can process the language quietly in your head. When you write, you can revise what’s on the page a hundred times. When you speak, however, everything happens in real-time and you have… Read More