Allysa Lei

Allysa Lei

Allysa graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a degree in Social Sciences. While
studying, she undertook an exchange semester studying in Ireland, where she developed her
passion for speaking English. During her degree, Allysa focused on psychology and counselling,
which gave her real insights into language education. She can now consider factors such as
learner motivation, teacher-student dynamics, and stress levels, when she thinks about effective
teaching strategies. This helps her to get the best out of her students and to create the lessons
which are most suitable to them.

Teaching Philosophy
My philosophy of teaching has evolved over my years of teaching experience. As I reflect on my
views regarding teaching and learning, I realise that my mission as a teacher is threefold:

To promote positive learning.
To ignite student’s enthusiasm for learning.
To establish a robust foundation for lifelong language learning.

In order to accomplish this, I consider a wide variety of educational principles. For example, it is
important to understand each of the individual students’ learning styles, and also how these
interact with each other in a group setting. This helps me accommodate individual preferences,
engage diverse learners, and help establish a respect for differing preferences and perspectives.
Following these basic principles has helped me grow in my love for teaching and learning. More
importantly, I have discovered that by sharing my passion for teaching and learning, I can
connect with learners. As a result, I can pass along to my students an enthusiasm for my lessons
and for lifelong learning.


The University of Hong Kong, Psychology and Counselling

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The University of Hong Kong


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