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Chelsey Xu (徐老師)

Chelsey Xu (徐老師)

Chelsey Xu graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Master of Arts degree in Chinese Language and Literature. She also obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Hunan Normal University. During her postgraduate years, she went to Confucius Institute in University of Vienna. During her undergraduate years, not only has she received systematic and professional teaching skills training, but she has also gained experience in Chinese teaching.

“No accumulation of steps, can’t lead to thousand miles. No integration of streams, can’t result in seas and oceans.” The learning of Chinese can’t expect results overnight. I am more than happy to accompany them to explore the colorful world by reading, write down their passages by their heart, and search for the pleasure in learning Chinese.


  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Master of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature
  • Hunan Normal University, Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature

Student Work

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Chelsey – Teaching Philosophy

As a Chinese teacher, I always think about how to improve the core Chinese literacy of students in teaching. In order to cultivate students’ interests in Chinese learning, improve their Chinese language ability, thinking ability, aesthetic taste and cultural accomplishment, I think it is essential to do rich reading and accumulation like constant dropping wears away the stone. As an old saying goes,”Reading enriches the… Read More