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Esme Kwok

Esme Kwok

Every child is unique, born with a very personal range of abilities. I believe that by establishing a positive connection with each student, not only can a teacher impart academic knowledge to all, but also unlock a student’s potential and create a brighter future.

Esme Kwok graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a BA in Translation and Social Policy. Her translation studies focused on comparative linguistics and the interpretation of languages in different contexts, including short stories, drama, and business communication. Esme also took valuable courses in youth development, counselling and mediation, which have helped her better understand and work with young people.


  • The University of Hong Kong - BA Translation

Student Work

How to Get the Most from Doing Homework

Doing homework can be rewarding if it is done effectively and efficiently. It is a chance for your child to refresh his/her memory of what they learned at school, and a way for you to find out which part your child’s understanding of that material needs a little work. I’ve helped many students improve their study strategies in order to get more from doing their… Read More

Reading Story Books with Early Learners

Reading story books is an essential part of a child’s development. It not only establishes necessary language skills, but also stimulates a child’s imagination and creativity. Having taught many preschoolers here at i-Leaner, I have found reading story books to be an excellent way to encourage these little ones to develop and share ideas. It also helps adults and children to develop a creative bond,… Read More

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Esme – Love Speaking

Speaking in front of a crowd can be frightening yet rewarding. Thinking of my own public speaking experience, the most influential and important one, among all the presentations and reports I did in my years of school life, is the public speaking competition I joined when I was secondary 4. Without such an experience, I would never have discovered the fun of public speaking. Not being an… Read More

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Esme – Teaching Philosophy

From my own experience with learning and teaching, I understand the importance of interest and motivation. These are two essential elements for the learning process as they encourage enthusiasm to know more. This is especially true for younger learners. Mastering a second language requires persistence and perseverance. Once students have developed an enthusiasm for learning English, they are more likely to stick with it,… Read More