Grace Lau

Grace Lau

Grace graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a degree in Linguistics, and a minor in Spanish. Grace spent her childhood in Ireland, where she lived for 13 years and acquired English to a native proficiency. After her return to Hong Kong in her senior secondary years, she became interested in the acquisition of English to second language learners, and she further investigated this issue in her graduation thesis of her Linguistics degree. Grace has been an English tutor for several classes of Hong Kong local students over the past few years. She strives to motivate her students to enjoy learning English through interactive class activities such as role plays, class competitions, and discussions, and designs her lessons to fit the needs of her students.

My goal in teaching is to help my students to enjoy learning, through interactive experiences. The most encouraging and rewarding thing for a teacher is to witness the growing confidence of students as their knowledge expands, and to see them taking initiative to explore the wider world.


  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Linguistics


  • Foreign languages and culture
  • Reading fiction
  • Hiking

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