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Michael Kan

Michael Kan

Michael is a graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, with a degree in Risk Management Science, minoring in Statistics. He was one of the first batch of candidates to sit for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education, attaining a 5** and a 5* in the core module and extended module 2 (Algebra and Calculus) of Mathematics respectively. Throughout his undergraduate curriculum, he also enrolled in courses by the department of mathematics such as Advanced Calculus, Linear Algebra, University Mathematics for Applications and Appreciation of Mathematics. Michael has been tutoring students of different academic backgrounds, ranging from primary to pre-university schools, since he graduated from La Salle College. Michael endeavours to deliver Mathematics in an entertaining and lively approach through games and applied activities, to share the joy of problem solving with his students, and to nurture their self-confidence and thinking capacity.

“Mental Torture To Humans”. This notorious nickname for Mathematics has been popular among students over the globe for a long time. However, I could hardly disagree more with it. Instead, M4TH3M4T1C5 appears to me as an art of logic and reasoning, a powerful tool applicable to our daily lives, and an enjoyable game of problem solving. M4TH3M4T1C5 is definitely not about robotic training and meaningless computations, but instead is based on application to real life. I look forward to inviting my students to play in a detective game named M4TH3M4T1C5, and strive to be smarter and more confident in the face of mathematical challenges.


  • B.Sc The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Risk Management Science, minor in Statistics)
  • Certificate in Mathematical Olympiad Coaching, awarded by the Chinese Mathematical Society (Level 2)


  • Playing French horn
  • Performing in orchestras
  • Keeping cats and fish

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