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Nichole Wu (吳老師)

Nichole Wu (吳老師)

Nicole WU graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a Master of Arts degree in Chinese Culture. She also obtained a Bachelor’s degree in International Culture Communication from Beijing Language and Culture University. During her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, her research focused on the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, cross-cultural identities and Chinese linguistics including phonology and lexicology. Nicole’s academic success led her to win the United Nation Research Center Scholarship and Mr Wang Shiu Tong Scholarship in Humanities at HKUST.

Language learning and cultural learning are closely related. Only by understanding Chinese ways of thinking and cultural life can we truly master the Chinese language. I am more than happy to be their friends and accompany them to explore the cultural charm behind the Chinese language, learn how to use the language, and then enhance their identity of Chinse culture.


  • Beijing Language and Culture University, Bachelor of Laws in International Cutural Communication
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Master of Arts in Chinese Culture

Student Work

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Nicole – Teaching Philosophy

I think the goal of teaching is not simply to instill knowledge and answers into students’ minds, but to induce them to learn, think and question. There is no absolute truth in the world, so we should encourage students to explore the world actively, develop their critical thinking skills, and enhance their courage to challenge authority. The process of learning and critical thinking skills are… Read More