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Rachel Chen

Rachel Chen

I enjoy working with children and witnessing how much they learn and grow. It is my firm belief that teachers, as facilitators in the classroom, need to promote a learner-oriented atmosphere that is both purposeful and enduring. This is why I value so much the importance of understanding who my learners are, what kinds of knowledge and experience they bring to the group, and what they want to achieve. This way, I can tailor a curriculum that fits their needs.

Rachel graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a degree in Primary English Education. She has teaching experience in several local primary schools which gives her an insight into the common learning difficulties faced by students in Hong Kong. Also, she undertook an immersion program in the University of New South Wales (Sydney) where she was able to learn about the Australian approach to education. She strongly believes that a secure and stimulating atmosphere is the key to happy learning. Therefore, she emphasises a process approach in her class and she likes encouraging her students to learn through mistakes. Recently, she also obtained a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education.


  • The University of Hong Kong - BEd Primary English
  • The University of Hong Kong - MEd Early Childhood Education

Student Work

Memory Techniques for Exams and Tests

Have you ever been afraid of your mind going blank when you sit an exam? I have. And many of my students tell me they worry about this too. It would be a nightmare if this really happened, but fortunately, studies show that it’s actually very unlikely. Usually, your memories flood back once you pick up a pen and start answering questions. However, the worry… Read More

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Rachel – Creativity

People have often limited their definition of creativity to art. There are indeed many different ways to define creativity, as it can come in the form of original thought, divergent thinking, problem solving, inspiration and imagination. Perhaps it is easier to think of creativity as a matrix like this: Creativity can be either emotionally or cognitively based, and it can also be spontaneous… Read More

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Rachel – Love Speaking

When it comes to speaking for second language learners, we are often judged by others how well we can speak in terms of fluency and accuracy. Indeed, every English speaker, be it native or foreign, is bound to hesitate at some stages during a conversation. Therefore, I will like to share some tips on how to hesitate like a native English speaker while you speak. Always remember that it’s… Read More