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Yvonne Zhu (朱老師)

Yvonne Zhu (朱老師)

Yvonne Zhu graduated from Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Master of Arts degree in Translation. She also obtained a Bachelor degree in Translation and Interpretation from City University of Hong Kong. During her postgraduate years, she studied the Sino-West relations in the Nineteenth Century and her research focuses on language learning, transnational knowledge production and cross-cultural identities. Before joining i-Learner Education Center, she worked as a research assistant at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Only through an extensive reading and reflection can students form their own words to express their inner selves in a nuanced and meaningful way. I am more than happy to accompany them on their way searching for the beauty, ease and pleasure of self-expression.


  • Chinese University of Hong Kong, Master of Arts in Translation
  • City University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Translation and Interpretation

Student Work

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Yvonne – Teaching Philosophy

In an essay in 1919, Lu Xun, often considered the great mentor to a generation of modern Chinese writers, famously wrote that the enlightened adults should ‘shoulder up the gate of darkness and free the children to that bright, spacious land, where they may live happily and wisely ever after.’ What he thought of paramount importance to transform a stagnant, patriarchy society into a modern… Read More