EnglishLeap Tutors

EnglishLeap tutors all have had great memories about the camp. They have changed the learning attitudes of a lot of their students and their students have contributed to their personal development too. After the camps, tutors usually became more confident and enthusiastic about their futures.

Summer 2015 Review – Christopher Davies

Christopher PictureIf I was to choose one word to describe this summer, it would be ‘amazing’. As someone who was initially worried about flying off and living in Hong Kong for two months, I had the experience of a lifetime and would highly recommend it to anyone. My time was split between Hong Kong and Macau, two places that are absolutely incredible. We taught in summer immersion camps each week, with some weeks being spent in the Hong Kong Studio teaching younger students, and each one was incredibly fun – never did I feel like I was‘working’. The kids were great; their English was usually good enough to have a conversation with them, and I genuinely felt like I was making a difference throughout the course of each week. Ages varied from the 4 year olds in the Hong Kong Studio, to the 18 year olds on some of the camps. We weren’t only teaching in the classroom, however; we spent a lot of time playing games, doing sports and doing drama (which the kids sometimes wrote themselves).

Being in Hong Kong and Macau means there’s so much to do outside of the classroom as well. The company organised some cultural trips to places such as Sai Kung, an island off of Hong Kong, and even a few days in Mainland China. The latter was a particularly eye-opening trip; I was able to experience the China that you don’t see in Hong Kong or Macau (and I ate lots of Chinese food!). I was also able to go to a lot of places on my own accord, too – given that I usually had evenings and weekends free, I had enough time to go sightseeing. I couldn’t have asked for a better company to work for – i-Learner were great throughout the entire two months. I was always well looked after; they organised all travel, accommodation and teaching resources for me. Overall this was perhaps the best summer I’ve ever had, and I’ve definitely become more confident in myself because of it. Without i-Learner, I wouldn’t have been able to experience Asia, and I’m now enticed to come back here in the future.


Summer 2015 Review – Isabel Tunna

Isabel PictureThis summer has been so much fun, and I have gained a lot of confidence in my ability to both teach and adapt to new challenges. The first week of teaching was a big learning curve, but at the end of the summer I felt confident in teaching a range of age groups. The cultural trips to islands around Hong Kong and the mainland were fantastic; I learnt so much about Hong Kong, its culture and its history in the process. Teaching the camps was really fun and rewarding, especially as the children wrote really lovely letters and we were able to have a lot of fun with them over the week. My cooking elective was very successful and I would recommend teaching it to anyone, we made scones and then let the kids chose the shapes they wanted to cut them into to introduce some creativity. I think making something from scratch was a really confidence boosting exercise for the children and they also enjoyed learning about British food. Teaching Little Scholars in the Hong Kong Studio was also very fun. The children are much younger, but their English is very strong. The whole summer was a fantastic challenge and a lot of fun.


Summer 2015 Review – Zac Gilmore

Zac PictureThis summer, I have had an unparalleled experience. Not only have I been able to try teaching but have also been able to live in Hong Kong and Macau, two fantastic cities where I’ve been able to take in all of the sights and sounds.

The teaching at first was challenging since it was unlike anything that I had ever done before but I found it to be a great experience and I’ve had much fun getting to know the kids at the English summer camps. More than anything, it has given me more confidence in general, in simply being able to do something that would at first seem daunting and perhaps undoable. A great element of my time here has been seeing the students gaining confidence in their English ability, which is hugely noticeable even over a week, and I hope that it has made and impact in their approach to learning English. The experiences I’ve had will surely stay with me for a very long time.The setting has been sublime and I feel like I’ve really got to know this pocket of Asia. It’s unlike any experience I’ve ever had and I’m extremely glad that I took the plunge and have been able to take in this brilliant place. I’m also pleased that this trip has given me the opportunity to visit Macau – somewhere which I had previously never heard of. It’s been fantastic visiting what seemed to be a sleepy European city and the Vegas of the East. I don’t think I would have ever come had I not applied for this role. The staff as well have been superb with all of their support and indispensable local knowledge. They made the whole operation run extremely smoothly and have been great, especially as I was initially overwhelmed by the whole place. I can’t believe that it has finished already and I’m sure to miss all the great friends I’ve made here!


Summer 2015 Review – Margaret Polk

Margaret PictureI’m so glad to have found the opportunity to work for i-Learner this summer. Comparing it to the experiences of other friends who went abroad to teach, I genuinely think it is the best scheme to work for. You not only have a varied teaching experience – through working both at summer camps and in the i-Learner Studio – but can also enjoy living independently in Hong Kong. Everyone at i-Learner always looks after you, and wants to make it just as much a cultural experience for you as for the students you’re teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed my summer at i-Learner, and have come away with good friends who are both colleagues at the firm, and the other Oxbridge students I lived and worked with.