i-Learner Education Centre

Preparation for Boarding Schools

Applying to a boarding school is a long process that can last between one and three years. Students need to be well prepared in advance, and i-Learner endeavours to give them the best chance of success.

At i-Learner, we understand why parents and students want to study abroad at a British boarding school. Renowned for their academic excellence and ability to develop students into well-rounded and independent thinkers, British boarding schools are an excellent choice for parents and students who would like to gain international exposure and develop a global perspective.

For the past decade, our team of educators has supported a number of students in their entry to top British boarding schools. Our services include consultancy, entrance exam preparation, as well as supporting students academically as they transition to their new schools.

If you are interested in studying at a British boarding school, please contact us on 3113 8815 for more information on the services we provide.

Please note: at present, these services are only available to current i-Learner students.

Case study:Andy Wang has been a student at i-Learner for several years. In 2018 we helped him successfully apply for Year 9 (Fourth Form) entry at the prestigious Fettes College in Scotland.

He was very quick to impress his teachers and classmates, not only receiving consistently excellent feedback in his reports, but also settling in very well to boarding school life.

In his first term, he came top in his house’s Effort Competition and was voted Fourth Former of the Term by his fellow students.

He was also selected to represent his school in the Enterprising Maths Challenge and the Royal Society of Chemistry “Top of the Bench” competition.

His first term report also shows how well he has settled in to his new academic setting:

‘Andy has been a wonderful addition to both Fettes College and to Carrington House… I have found his assimilation to be almost seamless…He impresses me as a young man of firm ambition and a clear vision and his attainment grades place him amongst the best performed in the Fourth Form.’ – Housemaster’s report