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Alister Hill

Alister Hill

Students who enjoy lessons are far more likely to  excel. My goal is to give students a passion for learning, and I work hard to ensure that my lessons are interesting, informative and, above all, fun.

Alister Hill is keen to share his passion for Economics with students interested in all aspects of the business world. He has been tutoring since 2009 and, as well as Economics, he particularly enjoys teaching Phonics, Maths and Physics. He worked in Uganda and England before moving to Hong Kong, where he has lived for over 10 years. In his spare time, he enjoys writing poetry and has officiated as a judge in numerous poetry reciting competitions.


  • BSc (Economics) University of Warwick
  • MSc (Economics) London School of Economics


Advanced Phonics for Older Students

Phonics is a tool we focus on when first teaching students to read, but that shouldn’t be where its use stops. Phonics isn’t just for kindergarten. It remains crucial to reading and spelling. Often, we know the sounds of words but don’t recognise them because we can’t pronounce them on reading and therefore don’t associate them with a word we already know. Encouraging older students… Read More

Exam Tips and Grammar Checklist

Careless mistakes can be the bane of a student’s life at exam time, often resulting in significant point deductions and disappointing grades. Students with the potential to get over 90% find themselves surprised to get closer to 70%. Here are a few tips to avoid mistakes and boost grades: Always leave time to double check your work Leave 5-10 minutes at the end of the… Read More

Listening, Looking and Phonics

Growing up in England, I wasn’t taught phonics. The ‘whole word’ approach to reading was popular when I was young, which left many of my classmates with spelling and reading issues that remain to this day. These early experiences informed my approach to teaching, and I’ve been happy to find that it’s never too late to teach phonics. I’ve taught many primary and secondary students… Read More