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Anna Stinger

Anna Stinger

I take a student-centric approach that prioritises students as individuals, with their own needs and ideal learning styles. I strive to support students into becoming confident and active learners by nurturing their passions and natural curiosity, which I strongly believe are catalysts for growth. When working towards goals together, academic ability is not the sole focus area; critical thinking, commitment, creativity, comfort, and confidence are equally vital to a student’s progression.  

Anna Stringer is currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia, where she teaches English to Russian speakers after majoring in Russian studies (with a minor in French) at Durham University. Anna has also worked in British primary schools, and has been tutoring and interpreting on a freelance basis for several years. As well as being an avid reader and crossword fanatic, Anna is devoted to writing; in the final year of her undergraduate degree, Anna was Senior General Editor of the University magazine, and also keeps a personal blog to document her love for travelling, languages, and culture. It is through this linguistic and cultural appreciation that Anna has come to thoroughly realise the value of cultural immersion and learning languages, an understanding she aspires to impart to her students.


  • BA (Modern Languages and Cultures) University of Durham