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Isaac Rushworth

Isaac Rushworth

Through my experience of having ADHD, I am keenly aware of how unique each child is regarding their ideal learning style. Discovering this is pivotal to maximising a child’s educational development. When a child is taught in a way that suits them, not only are they more engaged, but they are also happier. And if you have engagement and enthusiasm, you have all the necessary ingredients for effective learning.

Isaac Rushworth is currently studying for a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford. He first found a passion for teaching English when volunteering with Syrian refugees and has continued this ever since. After developing his skills in a voluntary capacity, he began tutoring online, enjoying the ability to reach students all around the globe. He is a passionate football supporter, particularly of Leeds United. He’s even incorporated his love of football into his university dissertation and is exploring the link between it and philosophy.


  • BA (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) (graduating 2023) University of Oxford