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Jaina Umeria

Jaina Umeria

I am highly motivated to share the love I have of the English language and literature with students and am assured that an excited and enthusiastic teacher can drive any student to also become motivated and engaged in what they are learning. Undeniably, every child is unique in how they learn, and I endeavour to tailor my teaching style to suit every individual in order to maximise the effectiveness of their learning.

Jaina Umeria is an experienced tutor who has been involved in working with young children for the past five years, in both an education and social capacity. She has recently graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Geography, which involved studying both the arts and the sciences. Outside of the classroom, Jaina likes to read classic English novels that enable her to delve deeper into her interest in the English language and English literary culture.


  • BA (Geography) University of Cambridge