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Joyce Wong

Joyce Wong

Students should never shy away from learning a new language. I aim to create a learning environment open for discussion and expression so that learning English is more than reiterating from a textbook.

Joyce Wong graduated from University College London with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences. As a native English speaker, she understands English deeply, and can help students fully express themselves. She has worked with children and young people in various capacities from running fundraising clubs to working as a private tutor.


  • BSc (Biomedical Science) University College London


Developing Active Listening Skills

In education, we often focus on developing a student’s speaking skills, but rarely do we focus enough on developing good listening skills. Communication is as much about listening as it is about speaking, and good communicators are not only excellent speakers but also active listeners. They are actively paying attention to the words being spoken, the tone of voice and the body language of the… Read More

Developing Your Child’s Leadership Skills

Schools often encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities like participating in fundraisers, and it’s not just for fun and the satisfaction of helping others. These activities help develop students’ leadership skills alongside their teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills. During their time at school, students should take advantage of these opportunities to prepare for their future. Why are leadership skills important? Leadership… Read More

Speaking Slips to Watch Out For

When a child is learning English as a second language, they may make mistakes due to translating from Cantonese to English, mixing features of the two languages, or from lack of exposure to spoken English. Try spotting some of these common mistakes in your child’s speaking to help them improve: Subject-Verb Agreement A child may forget subject-verb agreement when talking excitedly. He have a cat! … Read More

Writing Prompts to do at Home

Students often find writing to be a challenge. ‘How do I start?’ or ‘What should I write about?’ are just some of the questions that come to their minds. However, the best way to start may just be to put pen to paper and get writing. Practising with writing prompts at home can help remove the pressure of getting the ‘perfect’ essay or story down… Read More

Correcting Common Reading Mistakes

In my Love to Read and Phonics classes, students often make the same mistakes repeatedly when reading aloud. Children in Hong Kong can be under a lot of pressure to read from an early age, and teachers and parents can be tempted to let small mistakes slip by in order to encourage faster reading. However, I make sure to always correct the repeated… Read More