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Nicole Lam

Nicole Lam

Students need a tailored approach to teaching that helps them digest and apply all the skills and knowledge they encounter. I believe it is a teacher’s role to inspire students, empower them, and ignite their passions in art and language.

Nicole Lam graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a BA in English Studies and Comparative Literature. Being an English major, she is passionate about English syntax and is also equipped with essential skills in analysing literature through a critical lens, both of which are important to pass on to her students. In her spare time, she enjoys making a wide variety of art including paintings and digital illustrations. She sees this as a way to express herself and explore her imagination, which are also important abilities in learning languages. It is her wish to make art and literature more relatable to the youngsters in Hong Kong, and even make it an impacting force to inspire the younger generation.



  • BA (English Studies and Comparative Literature) The University of Hong Kong