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在i-Learner, 我們深明因材施教的重要性。在高中階段,因材施教常常被忽略。因此,我們為水平不一的學生設計出三個不同的課程方向,讓他們應付中學文憑考試英文科做好最充足最合適的準備。







DSE Preliminary (S3-4)

A grammar and vocabulary focus gives students a strong foundation for DSE.
Classes strengthen specific skills needed for success with reading and writing.

Platform Pairing: Reading i-Learner L5-6

DSE Essentials (S5-6)

Classes focus on writing and listening (papers 2 and 3), where the most marks can be gained.
Learn key language and grammar tips to boost writing marks and give confidence in exam achievements.

Platform Pairing:Reading i-Learner L7-8



DSE Foundation (S3-4)

Theme-based modules provide vocabulary and topic awareness needed for high grades.
Each lesson provides extensive reading and writing practice, and introduces the skills needed for the DSE exams.

Platform Pairing: DSE Foundation

DSE Merit (S5-6)

Students polish reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to ensure they succeed in all 4 papers.
Focus on advanced reading skills, such as paraphrasing and understanding tone. Strengthen writing skills by using appropriate register and clear organisation.

Platform Pairing: DSE Intermediate


高級(完成後目標為取得香港中學文憑考試 5* 和 5**)

Critical Reading and Writing L9 (S3)

Provides comprehensive fiction and non-fiction reading skills to prepare for key elements of the HKDSE.
Establishes a range of advanced writing techniques, which are essential to gain early mastery of for success.

Applied Critical Thinking (S4)

Strengthens thinking skills to tackle any unseen reading.
Covers advanced topics in the fields of law, medicine and politics.
Includes writing tasks based on authentic source materials, such as court documents and scientific articles.

DSE Distinction (S5-6)

Applying skills learned over the previous years, students perfect advanced techniques in all areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening. This will enable them to confidently tackle all challenging areas of the HKDSE.
Focus on literary skills and inference, which are needed for star banding. Learn tips to gain the marks that most other students will miss.

Platform Pairing: DSE Advanced




Joining the DSE class means you have varied tasks to complete each week. This class covers 4 papers while the tutor will guide students according to their abilities.
Berry Yu, S6


I have gained a lot of examination and oral skills in the course.
Rachel Chan, S4


The course is very useful. I got higher marks after attending this course.