i‑Learner Education Centre


Summer term has started and we’re having a great time here at i-learner!

Over summer, we like to combine learning with fun so that students can have a great time while they work hard. Here are some of the fun things that our students can look forward to when they come for their lessons at i-learner:

Weekly lunches

Students can join their teachers for lunch once a week. We will all get to know each other better and play some fun games too. Any students who would like to join us should come to Room 4 at 1pm with a packed lunch and a drink on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 16th July
  • Thursday 24th July
  • Friday 1st August
  • Saturday 9th August
  • Monday 11th August
  • Tuesday 19th August

Games and Activities

For classes who work hard, we have some extra fun activities that we can do. Each week’s activities are on a different theme, and there are different activities available to suit the levels of all our students. They provide a great break in the class, and students can even win prizes.


Letter Writing

Every student and teacher at i-learner has their own envelope for the summer term. Everyone can practise their letter writing skills and also get to know each other better in a fun way by sending mail here! We’ve had some great letters and drawings so far; everyone’s really getting into the spirit of this exciting activity.