International Education

Education is a passport. As the world becomes more globalised, more students are striving to gain an international education and 21st-century skills. Our international courses ensure that students cultivate the critical thinking, broad knowledge and multilingual self-expression needed to be a successful global citizen, wherever they find themselves in the world.

Our international courses give students access to a wide range of subjects, some of which are found at only a handful of international schools in Hong Kong. At i-Learner, our first-rate tutors are making these subjects available to each and every student who is determined to succeed in an international setting.

Students not only have access our specially-designed Voyage and Discovery secondary programmes, they can also take IB and IGCSE courses and choose from Latin, Classical Greek, French, German and Spanish to build up their global education portfolio.

Classics and Modern Languages



i-Learner為國際文憑考試學生提供文學和語言文學課程,幫助他們掌握課程要求的關鍵知識和能力,並提升考試技巧。 read more… Read More


IGCSE「國際中學教育普通證書」課程 IGCSE課程致力於提高學生的英文語言運用能力和英文文學素養。read more… Read More