An Adventure to the Kingdom of Fantasy

Last week in Love To Write S1-2 class, I asked the students to write an adventure story that begins with ‘It was a starless, piercingly cold night…’ Krystal, a young, talented writer, showed her creativity by giving me a number of stories she wrote in class.

This is a story about two sisters falling together into a palace, and helped Blossom, the Princess of Jewels, to save her sister from the hands of evil Queen of Witches.


By Krystal Lau

It was a starless, piercingly cold night. Daisy walked out with her younger sister, Juliet. She’s on her way to find fireflies. But suddenly, they knocked over a stone and they both fell, fainted.

Over about 2 hours, the sisters woke up. They found themselves in a strange, mysterious place.

Daisy rubbed her eyes. Yep, she saw a mysterious blue place. Then she realized she was in a sapphire cave!

In front of Juliet, was a young, elegant maiden. She had long blonde hair, like Daisy, she wears a blue gown draped in jewels and diamonds. The sisters screamed, as they didn’t see ‘strangers’ before.

‘Don’t be afraid,’ the maiden said, ‘I’m Blossom, Princess of Jewels,’ she introduced herself.

The sisters followed Blossom to a shimmering palace. They entered the palace.

‘I told you to come is because my sister, Miranda, was kidnapped by evil Queen of Witches.’ She handed Daisy a ring, ‘this is used for fighting her.’

A unicorn stepped beside us. ‘She’ll bring you to the place where Miranda was kidnapped.’

The unicorn flew for about 3 days and 3 nights. Finally, it stopped on a sharp mountain.

‘Good luck!’ The unicorn called back when it flew away.

When Juliet peered over a tiny rock, she saw terrible things: some witches kidnapped poor Miranda! She immediately called her sister.

‘That’s as terrible as clearing a digestion!’ She suddenly had an idea. ‘I’ll free Miranda, then you’ll get her. I’ll fight with the witches.’

It’s really a good idea. They could rescue Miranda at last. The Queen of Witches was defeated.

As a gift for rescuing her, Miranda gave her a map of kingdom of Fantasy. ‘You can visit us.’ As they waved goodbye, Juliet and Daisy fell down a cliff but……

‘Wake up! You’re late for school!’ Their mother yelled. ‘It’s a real dream!’ Juliet said dreamily. They knew there may be another adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy!

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