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Teacher Diaries – Mr. Adam

It is always a great pleasure to see a child make consistent progress in their learning. I am of the opinion that every child has the potential to succeed, given hard work and careful and attentive teaching. I believe that language teaching goes far beyond simply memorising verbs, and can also rather facilitate the development of more general critical thinking skills.

Beginning with our Mastering Reading course, this student focused first on boosting her comprehension skills through careful reading of books in class. When she first started at i-Learner, her writing very much reflected that she was in P2, though I saw her potential to go beyond this.

Moving to our Critical Reading and Writing course — which focuses much more heavily on building students’ critical thinking in response to an English text, and their ability to express this adeptly in their writing — this student has proven that hard work pays off. She has spent time not only on building her descriptive writing abilities, but also on her textual response skills. Her writing now shows flair, and her textual responses are carefully considered and thought-provoking.

Now P4, she is comfortable with engaging with much more difficult and nuanced texts, and is able to formulate accurate, interesting, and deep responses to tough questions. It is exactly these skills that will be of such value to her throughout her academic career and onwards.