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Teacher Diaries – Mr. Brian

In order to excel in English, students have to be extremely interested in studying it. Therefore, as a teacher, one of the most important tasks is to arouse their enthusiasm for learning this subject, so that they are willing to actively ask questions, share their thoughts, solicit ideas from teachers, and think of different ways to improve their language proficiency.

At i-Learner we offer different courses that aim at unleashing students’ creativity, including Love to Write. In this course students have the opportunity to compose different styles of writing by learning various genres and tones as well as using a wide variety of vocabulary and literary devices. What is the most vital is that students can write their work joyfully under a liberal and inspirational environment.

That is certainly the case with this P3 student who I have taught since November 2015. He has been a big fan of Star Wars, and even liked copying its plots in his writing. Even though the movie episodes have been very popular, constant imitation hindered the development of his creative thinking ability. Moreover, grammatical slips would sometimes hold back his confidence to work independently. However, under my guidance and encouragement, the student, whose ideas have been constantly insightful, is now keen on reading English books, producing funny and original writing about different topics and expresses his opinions explicitly. He has also paid more attention to spelling, handwriting, and past tense when writing stories. With his noticeable improvement and growing passion, his latest attitude toward English has become more positive.