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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Laura – Teaching Philosophy

My approach in the classroom derives in a large part from my own experiences of learning – from my early childhood through to studying foreign languages at university.

I have always loved reading, and believe that stories and storytelling are an excellent way to engage students in learning, no matter what their age. Even if they can’t read by themselves yet, reading stories aloud to young children is one of the best ways to fire their imaginations and expose them to new vocabulary. Having studied literature to degree level, I believe that reading is just as important for older students too: it opens doors to different perspectives and ideas about the world.

It is so important to create a positive relationship with learning from an early age. I aim to create an atmosphere where no student is afraid of making a mistake or asking a question, because this is exactly how we learn and grow. Students must be given a safe space to take risks, and develop and express their creativity.

Lastly, I want my students to enjoy the process of learning in and of itself, rather than just seeing it as an obstacle to be overcome, or a means to an end in order to get a certificate or a certain mark in an exam.