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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Brenda – Teaching Philosophy

Learning a language might not be difficult while keeping it up is not that easy. When I was small, learning English was nothing more than striving good grades of a subject. I have started to make friends with this language since my first English drama class in F1. From then on, I have paid more attention on how to communicate well in English – by understanding others and varying my own pace, volume and tone.

Then I pass it on to my students. Drama is one of the interesting ways of using English in daily life. Students are motivated to project their voice and improve their clarity to deliver the lines so as to make themselves understood by the audience. They can also expand their vocabulary bank, expose to different sentence structure as well as grammatical points.

It has been fruitful to see my students’ English proficiency getting improved gradually. Learning English is a long road to go. Each student has their own time to have a ‘click’. I enjoy scaffolding them and growing up together with them.