i‑Learner Education Centre


The 68th Speech Festival

In late December 2016, the 68th Speech Festival drew to a close. We have been involved with preparing students for this competition for several years, and this year was no different. We held preparation courses for the solo verse, solo prose reading, and public speaking competitions. We are proud to announce that all of the students who prepared with us received merits, with many receiving awards within their class. We would like to give them a big round of applause for their efforts.

Reciting verse or prose is never easy. It is like storytelling, and students have to understand the poem or piece of prose, and then internalise it as though it is their own story. Public speaking is even more difficult, as students have to write their own perspective on an issue and then present it.

Without a doubt, a prize or merit in this competition can give students confidence in their English abilities. However, sending them to join the Speech Festival is not just about a score sheet. To do well in this competition, students must not only possess techniques of presentation, they must also acquire the courage to speak in public. These skills are useful far beyond the realm of the Speech Festival. For a child to improve their confidence in speaking English can be the key to future success in their lives.

We are happy to see that our students have gained experience in presenting themselves in public. Performing under a spotlight can provide them with something they could never encounter in the classroom. One of our girls told her mum that her legs were trembling with fear when she was on the stage. But she did it and succeeded! Being able to do well under pressure is an essential life skill which students greatly benefit from practising.

We sincerely believe that the Speech Festival is an important part of improving our students’ personal development and confidence. Keep it up! We look forward to the 69th Speech Festival in 2017!