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Teacher Diaries: Mr. Rex – Teaching Philosophy

Whilst English is one of the official languages in Hong Kong, students’ exposure to it is limited—exam-oriented drills and extra-curricular activities take up most of their time outside the classroom. As a result, a lot of them overlook the beauty of the language, as well as the cultures associated with it.

Language goes hand in hand with culture; their evolutions synchronise. So it’s vital to help students develop interests in the arts and culture of the Anglosphere. I always encourage them to appreciate the films, music and literature from the English-speaking world during their free time. Whereas the benefits may not be seen immediately, they can be massive in the long run.

As well as culture, I like grammar. It’s the rules of the language – you can never play a game well if you don’t fully understand the rules. By guiding them to understand the grammar rules in a step-by-step and logical approach, I hope they can learn faster, and grow into sharp, logical individuals well-versed in both language and culture in the future.