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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Brenda – Treasures

I am going to retell a story which was told by a Polish priest.

Once upon a time, there was a poor man who lived with his wife and three children in Krakow, Poland. He wanted to be rich so that he and his family could live better.

One night, he was told in a dream that some treasure was buried under the great bridge in Prague, Czech Republic. It was hidden under the third span and nobody knew anything about it, so he could go and take it. After he woke up, he totally ignored this dream because he thought it was too silly to be true. But then, he had the same dream again. It kept repeating each night for a few nights until he was finally convinced.

He packed his bag, kissed his wife and children goodbye, then set off to Prague.

After a few days, he arrived and found the great bridge which was very well known. To his surprise, the bridge was constantly guarded by a squad of soldiers. He went there everyday to check it out but he did not dare to dig for fear of being caught red-handed by the soldiers.

After observing the bridge for a few days, one of the soldiers approached and asked what he was doing. For some reason, he trusted the soldier and told him everything about his repeating dream and the treasure under the bridge.

Suddenly the soldier burst into laughter and said, “You’re such an old fool. I’m younger than you but far wiser than you. If I believed in dreams, I’d be in Krakow already. I have had the same dream more than dozen times about some treasure which is buried in the wall, by the oven, of a poor man’s house. But I’m wise enough not to go there because I believe there are thousands of poor men in Krakow and no treasure can be found in any of their walls.” The poor man thanked the soldier with a smile and went home.

Have you ever taken a long journey to look for treasure? Are you sure there is no treasure buried in your walls or any valuables hidden in your home? If not, why don’t you look for it now?

Prague – Charles bridge, Czech Republic