Teacher Diaries: Mr. MacDonald – Treasures

The idea of treasuring physical objects is thought provoking one. When I moved to Hong Kong I travelled very lightly taking only the bare essentials. I only had one large bag and a rucksack – mostly filled with clothes and my laptop. There wasn’t much space to take many “treasured” possessions – not that I really had any to speak of that I’d miss for a short spell working in Hong Kong.

Some things I did care about leaving behind of course were my friends. But as I was leaving people behind in Manchester, London and the elsewhere in the UK I knew I would be making new friends here. I vowed to stay in touch with old friends and set out to make my way in the world.

In the time I’ve spent here I’ve met many new people. Colleagues have come and gone. And sure enough I have made, what I hope to be, life-long friends here. For some of those who I don’t see on a regular basis any more I have a selection of letters, farewell cards and souvenirs. From time to time I might take a look through them. They instantly evoke old memories and I remember past events and emotions shared with those people.

While I do have those physical objects; they are very important to me. But what I truly treasure is the memories and the friends I’ve made.

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