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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Alison – Treasures

A treasure doesn’t necessarily need to be something tangible. One of the most valuable assets I possess, I would say, is my ability to treasure everything I have with gratefulness.

A few years ago, I took a psychological test of which the objective was to let us project our personality traits through drawing. A few items were mentioned and I could draw them wherever I liked. Having precise details forgotten, I can still recall vividly how I was analysed that the sun I drew right on top of the house represented my feeling of living in my ‘heyday’. It was at that time that my positivity was first revealed from unconsciousness and brought into the limelight.

Ever since then, I’ve started to be more aware of how my mood can be lit up by more appreciation towards what I have. Thankfulness derives from simply thinking how fortunate I am to not suffer from lack of food, warmth and shelter, and it drives me to get rid of the groans I used to utter often. Try to appreciate everything more and be nicer to your friends and family. I’m sure all of us can discover the inborn treasure which leads us to profound happiness!