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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Cori – Teaching Philosophy

My love of the English language began when I discovered there was a whole world of literature,
songs and culture outside of my textbooks. That being said, you cannot create a strong building
on a weak foundation. Reading, writing, speaking and listening are all essential elements when it
comes to learning a new language, and I aim to bring all four aspects into my classroom. By
having a variety of activities, such as discussions and speech giving, on top of our solid English
program, I aim to nurture my students’ love of English and help them discover many different
cultures through it.

Creating a positive and inspiring learning environment is also of the utmost importance to me.
One of the most crucial aspects of a language is communication. Therefore, I want my students
to know it is alright to make mistakes. Their willingness to try means everything to me. From our
mistakes, we can all grow to be better English learners.