Teacher Diaries: Ms. Alison – Creativity

I have recently had some students being very obsessed with shaping slime. Not knowing the difference between playdough and slime, I searched online and found out hundreds of videos online hyping up this slime craze. So, what exactly is slime? It can be defined as ‘a gloopy variation of playdough, sticky and stretchy’. Homemade slime can come in many different colours and effects depending on the ingredients you use.


I feel like making and shaping homemade slime is a fun and easy way to let young children demonstrate their creativity (provided that they don’t get too obsessed with it that they steal things from their mothers’ jewellery chest!)– they can add glitter to make it look like the swirls of a galaxy or mix colours for rainbow! Here’s a video to show how to make fluffy slime:

Amazing, isn’t it? Try it out yourself!


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