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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Claudia – Teaching Philosophy

As a second language learner myself, I believe a comfortable learning environment and suitable encouragement to students are essential to language acquisition. It is important to enhance the confidence of students in speaking and writing English. I encourage my students to express their own ideas in the classroom, no matter how and whether it is verbal or literal or even visual.

I am a firm believer of “Work Hard, Play Hard”. I incorporate games in my teaching as they create a fun and reassuring atmosphere for students. Nevertheless, grammar and reading practices and exercises are also essential. I make sure my students have adequate practices in areas that they lack, if not more. I also believe that looking into students’ specific needs and targeting them is the best way to work with a small class size. I work my best to strike a balance between fun and work. In fact, I make work and practicing fun in my class to boost their interest and use of English.