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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Joyce – Teaching Philosophy

As English is one of the most spoken languages, proficiency in English can open up opportunities for children and young people. I have been very privileged to have learnt English as a first language. The ability to speak English has allowed me to travel to many parts of the world and communicate with people from different walks of life. I hope to support students so that they have the same confidence to speak freely and naturally in English.

I believe in engaging students with topics and discussions of their interest to allow students to converse confidently on things they are interested in and at the same time diversify their range of vocabulary. This natural dialogue will put students at ease for effective learning which may not be possible in a typical school environment.

Furthermore, I aim to support students in their learning by helping them avoid the common mistakes made on their journey. As every student learns at a different pace and has different strengths, my adaptive teaching style enables every student to get the most out of their lessons.