i-Learner Education Centre


Special Spring Courses (March-April 2022)

With cuckoos singing, spring is on the way! i-Learner has prepared a wide range of fun online lessons for you to celebrate the coming of spring. Join your teacher in a virtual classroom and interact with your classmates via webcam.


This spring, i-Learner is offering a series of interesting courses. You can join our Back-to-School programme if you would like to prepare your studies in English, Chinese and Maths for your school, and learn the key concepts and strategies for exams. You can also focus on your weaker areas by taking a booster course. If you would like to make the best use of this long spring break, you can work on a project with an i-Learner tutor, and take up a competition class in Maths. You could even learn a classical language and visit museums around the world with an i-Learner tutor. Come and join us this spring to learn and have fun!


Click on the links below to view our courses:

Back-to-school Programme 返校課程
English Programme 英文
Chinese Programme 中文
Maths Programme 數學
Classics and Modern Languages 古典及當代語言