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Chinese Writing

Course Description

In our Chinese writing course, we hope our students can use Chinese to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas easily. We will also help students to improve their  skills in practical writing, such as meeting reports, advertisement, notices and so on.

For primary students, from Level 1 to Level 3, we will focus on the observation and the perception of the world. And from Level 4 to Level 6, our main point will be the writing skills in different literary styles. For secondary  students, we will pay more attention to the structures and literary techniques.


Chinese Writing (Primary School) (Cantonese and Putonghua)

Whilst it’s true that writing ability takes time to build, as soon as you master the right skills and receive systematic training, you can also make significant improvement in your writing skills in a short period of time!

Our Chinese writing course on the one hand teaches children different writing styles and writing skills to improve the readability of their writings; on the other hand, through brainstorming, storytelling, role-playing, vocabulary building, and analysis of classics, help children build their own material “treasure house.”

The course also emphasizes tailor-making activities and teaching pace according to students’ learning styles and preferences, so that children can write happily in a relaxed atmosphere.

Here are some topics we will cover:

  1. some techniques like Simile, Metaphor, Personification and Hyperbole;
  2. five senses description and space description;
  3. character description and narrative writing;
  4. lyric expression (directly or through scenery);
  5. argumentative writing;
  6. expository writing;
  7. poetry;
  8. fairy tale;
  9. practical writing

* We also provide a summer course for Pre-P1 students, which will cultivate students’ observation skills through everyday life and help them enrich their vocabulary by teaching some common words, so that they can describe what they observed accurately. In this stage, we hope our students can write simple sentences correctly, completely and in detail.


Chinese Writing (Secondary School)(Cantonese and Putonghua)

From words, sentences, paragraphs and to the structure of a whole essay, students in the Chinese Writing Class for Secondary School, will be guided to employ various useful literary techniques and try out various styles of writing. The course will cover:

  1. Refining rhetoric (verbs, colors, puns, parallelism, repetition, etc.)
  2. Structure (style, themes and structure of various genres)
  3. Techniques (synonymous, questioning, sarcasm, plain description, symbolism, conception)
  4. Style (inner monologues, literary works, biographies and reporting essays, cross-style writings, writing from given topics)



Course Tuition

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