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Classical Greek

Course Description

At our i-Learner Centres, students can now study the foundational language of European culture — Classical Greek! By studying this language, students can not only hone their logic, critical thinking and understanding of English, they can also gain an insight into the many philosophical ideas, political systems and scientific breakthroughs that underpin European civilisation. Moreover, students familiar with Greek myths and heroes will be able to learn even more about these famous stories and figures by reading about them in the original language!

Although deemed a ‘dead language’, Greek is very much alive in the way in its long-lasting influence on English. Over 60% of words in English are derived from Greek and Latin, and over 90% of technical vocabulary in the fields of science and technology are derived from these classical languages. Students will soon by able to understand the roots of varied and complex English terms such as agoraphobia, calligraphy, democracy, geography, oligarchy, sympathy, autobiography, and biology. Any student of Greek will soon a vast improvement in their understanding of English and ability to understand new words in difficult comprehension exercises.

Later, students will be able to learn about the many innovations the Greeks developed, such as the Olympic Games, mathematical principles and Athenian democracy. Students will also learn more about the Greek gods and goddesses, and how Greek religion would form a core part of their mythology.

Our courses are offered at both Primary and Secondary level, with younger students focusing on materials from Greek for Children Primer A, and older students on Greek to GCSE. Parents should note that students who take Greek can soon enjoy vast improvements in their linguistic understanding and ability to learn other languages, and remember that even Churchill said that Greek is a ‘treat’!


Why Study Classics?

What is Classics? This famous, traditional subject encompasses the study of the history, languages and culture of the Ancient Greek and Roman civilisations and has enjoyed a long-standing place in the curricula of top British and North American schools. Renowned figures such as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling even studied Classics at university. However, despite the importance of these languages abroad, the access to Classics in Hong Kong is limited to only a couple of international schools.

At i-Learner, we believe in delivering high-quality education for all learners. In line with this mission, we’re working to ensure every child has the opportunity to study important yet rare subjects such as Classics. Our Centres now offer regular courses in Latin and Classical Greek, giving all students the chance to study these foundational languages and improve their understanding of English.  As much as 60% of the English language comes from Latin and Greek, while almost 90% of scientific and technological vocabulary is derived from these languages.

By studying Classics, students not only improve their understanding of English and other languages, they also train their logic, practise critical thinking and broaden their knowledge. Students learn about the pivotal role played by Greek and Roman literature, history, philosophy and mythology in western civilisation. And many love studying Greek and Roman gods and monsters!

Our Latin and Classical Greek courses are offered at both Primary and Secondary level and are taught by tutors with degrees in Classics from world-class universities, including the University of Oxford.

“I am biased in favour of [students] learning English. I would make them all learn English: and then I would let the clever ones learn Latin as an honour, and Greek as a treat.”

Winston Churchill