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Critical Reading and Writing

Course Description

Our ten-level Critical Reading and Writing course guides students from K3 to S3, equipping them with life-long skills that extend beyond the classroom. Our experienced teachers and carefully-crafted curriculum help students develop critical thinking skills that enable them to become well-rounded, independent learners.


Introducing children to the beginnings of English literature, this course helps students take their first steps on the path of long-term learning.

Our kindergarten-level Critical Reading and Writing curriculum places emphasis on preparing students for entry into top Primary Schools. We understand that building solid foundations before P1 gives students’ confidence when they move to a new learning environment.

Our Critical Reading and Writing lessons nurture students’ critical thinking abilities, introducing a range of initial skills that will enable children to thrive in Primary School. They will learn to feel comfortable using English to explore new and unfamiliar topics through a range of discussions, reading, drama and poetry.

Primary Level

Our reader-based, literature course helps students establish long-term learning habits and skills that guarantee success that extends beyond their English studies.

Our comprehensive Primary Critical Reading and Writing curriculum guides students through the six years of their Primary Schooling as they develop into independent, critical learners. The principle objectives of this course are to foster a critical mind, an ability to engage with unfamiliar material with confidence and a broader awareness of English that approaches the level of a first language speaker.

Through a variety of pedagogical techniques and a range of learning material, students will become confident tackling content that extends beyond their comfort zone as they become lifelong learners. In their early primary years, students build their empathetic skills and understanding of different genres of texts, while also awakening their ability to respond critically to a variety of new ideas. As students approach the end of their primary education, teachers continue to equip them with the skills necessary for long-term learning, as they navigate a wide scope of material covering poetry, non-fiction, fiction and drama.

Secondary Level

Our literature course guides Secondary students to become independent, critical learners, who can take their skills beyond what is required of them in the classroom.

Our Secondary Critical Reading and Writing curriculum consolidates the skills that students develop in the Primary levels of this course, while extending their abilities further as they mature as learners. Through a range of advanced literature, children are guided to polish their ability to think critically and independently.


Course Tuition

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