i‑Learner Education Centre

Pre-P1 Interview Class

Course Description

Our interview course consists of five rounds, each with eight lessons. Each round provides specific training in English and Chinese on the below course focuses. Parents can sign up for one or more rounds according to their child’s needs.

Round Focuses (Each round is made up of four English and four Chinese lessons)
1 1.      Getting to know myself

2.      Reading aloud

3.      Group activities and games

4.      Confidence building

2 1.      Storytelling

2.      Poetry reciting

3.      My favourite books

4.      Group activities and games

3 1.      Manners

2.      Picture description and storytelling

3.      Maths and games

4.      Understanding their target primary schools

4 1.      Me and my family

2.      Reading aloud and storytelling

3.      Poetry reciting

4.      Manners, collaboration skills and confidence building

5 Special coaching for second round success