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Hong Kong Reads

Hong Kong Reads is a non-profit organisation that works in partnership with i-Learner of Nebula Group Limited, the University of Hong Kong’s School of English, the Oxford University Press, Scholastic, and South China Morning Post. It aims to promote English reading to students in Hong Kong, thus instilling a more global outlook and appreciation of learning.

We bring together educators, businesses, professional groups, book publishers, media outlets and celebrities to provide the support and resources for student leaders to encourage their peers to read. In doing so, we can improve the standards of English for a new generation of citizens in Hong Kong and maintain Hong Kong’s prominence as a competitive global city.

What Hong Kong Reads offers students:

  • Professional training in event management, marketing and advertising 
  • Inspiration to pursue leadership roles at school, university and in future careers 
  • Opportunities to attend events that highlight the importance of reading 
  • An improvement in English levels 
  • Lectures, discussions, and recommendations by experts in the fields of interest 
  • Official recognition of efforts in extra-curricular community projects