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Bee Rathleff

Bee Rathleff

A well-rounded student and person should be attentive to all fields of study; this will help them pursue their own interests in a more considered and thorough manner. I believe that skill in any subject can be taught to anyone, and that the myth of talent in a subject hinders more than it helps.

Bee Rathleff is currently working towards a Master’s of the Sciences in an interdisciplinary field after focusing during their undergraduate studies on the subject of history. They enjoy teaching the critical thinking and research skills necessary for successful study of the Humanities to students of all disciplines. When not teaching or tutoring, Bee edits for a number of Oxford- and London-based magazines and works on their debut trilogy of adult fantasy novels, which are set to be released in 2025.


  • MSc (Gender) London School of Economics and Political Science (graduating 2024)
  • BA (History) University of Oxford