Welcome to our Summer Tutors 2018-07-03

Summer’s already off to a great start here at i-Learner. In order to support our fun action packed programme of activities we always invite a group of handpicked Oxbridge tutors to join us. We’ll let them introduce themselves to you in this great video! https://www.i-learner.edu.hk/wp-con … Read More

Austen Term Awards Ceremony 2018-06-28

Our Award ceremony was well attended by many enthusiastic students along with their very supportive parents as well as a couple of new teachers. Have a look at some photos from the evening. A big congratulations to all our winners once again! … Read More

i-Learner Austen Term Newsletter 2018 2018-05-16

We are pleased to announce that i-Learner’s Austen Term Newsletter has been published! This term’s edition is packed full of useful information and exciting news, such as: Courses to help you pack your summer with fun and learning Our teachers’ book recommendations for you to discov … Read More

Teacher Diaries

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Vivien – Teaching Philosophy 2018-09-19

I would like to summarize my educational philosophy using Walt Whitman’s An Old Man’s Thought of School. “And there I see – these sparkling eyes” I believe a teacher should ignite the passion towards knowledge in every child and make their eyes sparkle as they learn new knowledge. Read More

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Aimee – Teaching Philosophy 2018-08-14

From birth to about 16 years old is a critical period for children to learn a language. In this period, it is easier for them to acquire a language in a well-rounded way. Throughout my own language learning journeys, being a native speaker of Cantonese and Mandarin, and a second … Read More

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Joyce – Teaching Philosophy 2018-07-23

As English is one of the most spoken languages, proficiency in English can open up opportunities for children and young people. I have been very privileged to have learnt English as a first language. The ability to speak English has allowed me to travel to many parts of the world … Read More

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