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Teacher Diaries – Ms. Laura

Some of our youngest students are often the ones to make the most impressive progress, especially when they are encouraged to explore their creativity and develop a love of learning from a young age. One of the main strengths of i-Learner is that our range of courses feed naturally into one another, and allow for a great deal of flexibility depending on the progress of any particular child.

That is certainly the case with the following student. She first came to i-Learner at the beginning of her K2 year. She was already a strong reader for her age but needed some help in moving to a more challenging level, and in learning to express herself in both spoken and written English. The student began with two Pre-School English courses to build up her comprehension skills and her confidence in an English-speaking environment. Over the course of a year, she transitioned to our more challenging Love to Write and Critical Reading and Writing courses, the first level of which would normally be aimed at K3 students.

These courses have enabled the student to find fun and exciting ways to express her thoughts and ideas, and, by reading and thinking about all sorts of interesting stories, to build a foundation of critical thinking skills that she will continue to develop throughout her school career. She is able to contribute insightful ideas to class discussions and write stories that are often both funny and original.

Now in K3, she has recently gained a place at one of Hong Kong’s top girls’ primary schools, and will be well-prepared to thrive once she gets there.