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How to Get the Most from Doing Homework

Doing homework can be rewarding if it is done effectively and efficiently. It is a chance for your child to refresh his/her memory of what they learned at school, and a way for you to find out which part your child’s understanding of that material needs a little work.

I’ve helped many students improve their study strategies in order to get more from doing their homework. Below are some tips on how you and your child can do this as well:

1. Create an effective study environment
The more distractions there are, the less effectively a person does his/her work. Make sure that your child does their homework in a quiet place out of reach of televisions, computers, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets that can be particularly attractive to kids. This prevents your child from being distracted and allows him/her to fully concentrate. The knock-on effect of this is that your child will do their work faster, and most importantly, it reduces the chance of making mistakes.

2. Make and follow a homework plan
Discuss and make a list of homework and set an order in which to do it. Make sure your child follows the plan closely. This plan needs to be based on the working style and personality of your kid – maybe start with the hardest pieces if their focus slips quickly; or perhaps start with short assignments that can be finished quickly, so as to boost your kid’s confidence before they tackle the more difficult tasks later on.

3. Let your child proofread their work
Parents tend to help their kids proofread their homework and ask them to make corrections. Next time, try to ask your child to proofread his/her own work after it is done. During this process, not only can children check their understanding of the topics covered; but they also learn to be more responsible and answer questions more carefully both when completing homework and doing tests or exams.

Most important of all, allow your kid to take short breaks to help him/her stay sharp. A little treat like your kid’s favourite snack or 15 minutes of video games can also serve as the motivation for doing homework quickly and accurately!