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There are three levels in Chinese learning. The first one is practicality. Language is a kind of tool for our human to communicate and transmit our experience and knowledge. To help students use language to obtain new knowledge, express feelings and ideas freely and accurately, I hope I can teach them vocabulary, grammar and skills in comprehension and writing, through the combination of life-situation and literary works. The second one is the ideological level. As language is a carrier of culture, not only we can find the common memories of some specific areas, nations and times in those wonderful works, but also we can get the unique sentiment of individuals from the content. On this level, I hope I can introduce some great works for students and help them learn about reading strategies, so that they can improve their thinking skills through wide reading and find the true meaning of their own lives with the guidance of the past. Finally, learning Chinese is full of fun. “Literature is like magic”, we can get� the aesthetic interest in appreciating the ingenious words.