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Public Speaking

Course Description

Our Public Speaking course equips learners with confidence in speaking as well as the intricacies of employing the spoken English language. With a range of activities such as drama, role play, tongue twisters and speaking games, students are guided in the art of public speaking step-by-step. The goal of the course is to help learners develop the ability to give a structured performance both in the form of impromptu and prepared speeches. Speech-writing skills, which are important for future success in the HKDSE, are a focus of the course and a fantastic way for students to see the connection between the spoken and written word.

Primary Level
Our theme-based Public Speaking course instills in learners a love of speaking English. At the primary level, students are encouraged to explore the community and the world around them through speaking games and role-plays. As students proceed through these levels, topics will broaden, from more individual themes like family and friends, to social issues and the world around them.
Communicative skills such as volume, pace, stress, pronunciation and articulation will be emphasized, as well as the art of interacting with peers.

Secondary Level
Our secondary level Public Speaking Course consolidates the skills developed at the Primary Level, and builds on them through work on the delivery of prepared and impromptu speeches. When compared with our primary level course, there will be more structured speeches and a wider variety of speech types, such as informative, persuasive and motivational speeches. Creative and sophisticated language use will also be one of our targets, and this is embedded in our theme-based lessons focusing on social issues.
By the end of the course, students are expected to have developed speech-writing skills and advanced communicative skills such as manipulation of volume, pace, stress, and movement.


Course Tuition

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Angie參加Speech Festival之前,我決定帶她到i-Learner上Speech Festival課程,Ms Pun的表達能力非常強,又十分細心和有經驗,因此Angie掌握得很快,可以輕易地演繹文章的精髓。Angie成為今年Speech Festival的冠軍(87分),我非常樂意推薦i-Learner Education Centre這家相當好的教育中心給其他家長!

Angie Chan (P4)

從囡囡口中得知她十分喜歡i-Learner Education Centre的導師,她覺得Matilda老師很友善,課程生動有趣。囡囡也有上其他地方的課程,但我覺得i-Learner的老師更加有耐心和經驗,總能夠就小朋友在學習上的困難提出具體的解決方法。囡囡在今年的Speech Festival得到季軍 (85分)呢,十分感謝i-Learner Education Centre各位老師的用心教導!

Angel Yu (P3)