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Global Speaking Passport

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International speaking course for confidence and fluency.

Want to master English pronunciation? Speak using the right words and structure? Express your opinion convincingly? Our online speaking course is taught by top UK tutors and gives students essential tools for speaking confidently and fluently — at home or in a new school abroad.


At i-Learner, we want our students to become confident linguists who can express themselves and discuss many different topics. However, many struggle with using the correct vocabulary, pronunciation and sentence structure, and find it difficult to share their opinions about global issues or even their daily routines. Our speaking course combines the tools students need to speak accurately and with a cultural foundation that will give them the confidence to talk about any topic. Tutors offer a rich cultural immersion experience in which students learn to discuss school life, local history, world geography, global landmarks, festivals, international issues, the environment and global citizenship.



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Angie參加Speech Festival之前,我決定帶她到i-Learner上Speech Festival課程,Ms Pun的表達能力非常強,又十分細心和有經驗,因此Angie掌握得很快,可以輕易地演繹文章的精髓。Angie成為今年Speech Festival的冠軍(87分),我非常樂意推薦i-Learner Education Centre這家相當好的教育中心給其他家長!
Angie Chan (P4)

This content is only available in Chinese.

從囡囡口中得知她十分喜歡i-Learner Education Centre的導師,她覺得Matilda老師很友善,課程生動有趣。囡囡也有上其他地方的課程,但我覺得i-Learner的老師更加有耐心和經驗,總能夠就小朋友在學習上的困難提出具體的解決方法。囡囡在今年的Speech Festival得到季軍 (85分)呢,十分感謝i-Learner Education Centre各位老師的用心教導!