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Student Preparation

A recent Speech Festival Champion
A recent Speech Festival Champion

Award-winning speech and drama experts here at i-Learner are available to train speech festival entrants in a wide array of classes. Our years of experience in this field has led to many of our students being awarded honors.

We run training courses starting from September each year and going right up to the date of your competition.

Consultation with Teachers

For several years, we have provided a consultation service for teachers who are tackling the higher level texts with their students. Our consultation can help you to get to the deeper subtleties of these difficult play scripts, poems, and prose pieces. Our teachers can help by pointing out the shades of meaning and the points of irony in the texts in order for you to help prepare your students with a dramatic interpretation.

We can even record your texts so that your students can hear the words pronounced by native speakers, and with the deeper meanings of the piece brought to life. Listen to the examples below, from the 68th Speech Festival:

An Ideal Husband





Course Tuition

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  1. Primary P5-P6 English Bible Speaking: One Corinthians Chapter 13 Verse 2
    Result: 1st Place
  2. Primary P5-P6 English Verse Speaking: The Sound of the Wind (Christine Rosseti)
    Result: 2nd Place


Adele Wong